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"We all know that Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) technology is loosely defined as computer-based technology,
integrating a combination of, but not limited to, text, graphics, animation, sound, and video. The current set of IMI's that has been developed by
AMIS offers that and has been embraced by our Soldiers and users
as a replacement for the typical classroom training that will not be offered for the next release of
TC-AIMS II software."


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Military personnel responsible for asset movement need enhanced Information Technology (IT) capabilities to manage all facets of transportation operation in the Department of Defense (DOD) digital logistics environment. Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (AMIS) provides every Army unit with transportation management IT solutions (with lifecycle management), premier transportation and distribution IT solutions, transportation systems functional expertise, training support and 24/7 customer support.

Transportation Coordinators' - Automated Information for Movement Systems II (TC-AIMS II) is used by every Army unit to plan and execute unit movements for deployment and redeployment operations. From Unit Movement Officers (UMOs) to Installation Transportation Officers (ITOs) to mode managers, TC-AIMS II provides automated support to a wide range of users who are responsible for transportation and distribution. TC-AIMS II offers two major tools to support the full continuum of transportation operations:

  • TC-AIMS II Unit Move functionality facilitates planning and execution of organic movements, starting with the establishment of unit move requirements and ending with the arrival of required assets at a destination point. TC-AIMS II assists commanders in creating, maintaining, managing, and updating unit equipment, personnel, and deployment information. It incorporates the mechanism for identifying assets and requirements for force deployment/redeployment on deliberate and crisis action planning. It also provides tools to support continuous data process management, planning and execution of deployments, and asset tracking. In addition, the unit move function supports rail, air, and ship loading.

  • TC-AIMS II Theater Operations (TOPS) functionality enables movement control elements to manage and coordinate transportation services during Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (JRSOI) and sustainment operations.

Training materials

Training materials for TC-AIMS II are primarily in the form of Interactive Multimedia Instructions (IMIs). These IMIs are interactive software simulations of the TC-AIMS II software which allow the user a "virtual training environment". The IMIs are short (approximately 10 minutes) and cover different modules of TC-AIMS II (e.g., Unit Move, Asset Management, and Add New Equipment). At the end of many of the IMIs are quizzes to help the user to remember the information presented in the instruction. These IMIs are .swf files that play in your web browser (when Adobe Flash Player is installed on your system - and properly configured to achieve full functionality of the IMI). IMIs can be saved to your desktop for future use. This is the only AMIS training available for TC-AIMS II users.

Classroom instruction is available from the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), In order to receive TRADOC classroom training, users must register through the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS).

NOTICE: The new IMIs which require that Adobe Flash Player be set to "always allow", now incorporate new functionality, such as web objects, advanced animations and the ability for the user to use the website hyperlinks present in the IMI. In order to achieve the full functionality of the IMIs (available on the TC-AIMS II Training portal located at: and to learn how to update the Flash Player settings on your computer(s) please click here. In addition, this training tutorial introduces users to the TC-AIMS II Training Portal along with system requirements for TC-AIMS II training.

For problems logging onto or using, please contact

Training URL
TC-AIMS II Training Portal Link
7.0.4 Register CAC & Logon IMI | PDF Version
7.0.4 Citrix Client for Road Management IMI | PDF Version

If you want to submit suggestions to improve the TC-AIMS II training materials,
Please contact: email / or call (703) 806-0562.

Use the contact information below to request additional help or assistance with TC-AIMS II issues:

Office Telephone/Fax
Email: AMIS Service Desk Ph: 1 (800) 877-7925
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